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Getting to Yllas

Location of Yllas in Lapland

Located within Scandinavia, the ski resort of Yllas can be found in Finnish Lapland.

The following map shows the position of Yllas in Lapland in relation to Kittila, Munio and Kolari.

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The accommodation and amenities for Yllas ski resort are split across the two villages of Yllasjarvi and Akaslompolo. A regular bus will take you the 15km between the two villages at a cost of around 5 Euros

The following map shows the location of Yllasjarvi and Akaslompolo on either side of the Yllas fell.

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Driving directions to Yllas from Kittilä airport

Exit the airport and follow the signs for road number 79(Levintie). Turn right onto 79 heading south, after almost 3km turn right onto road number 80. Route 80 will take you the 30km to Yllasjarvi, from here route 9401 will take you around the fell to Akaslompolo. The nearest train station to Yllas is in Kolari about 30 minutes southwest from Yllasjarvi on road 80.

Getting to Yllas from Levi

Leave Levi on road number 79(Levintie) heading south towards Kittilä Then take Route 80 heading west to Yllas. The total journey from Levi to Yllas is around 50km. There is a limited bus service from Levi to Yllas and Yllas to Levi during the winter season. Enquire locally at the tourist information office to find out which days the buses are running and to find an up to date timetable.

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