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Climate & Daylight Hours Yllas Finland


Yllas is located in Finnish Lapland 150km above the Arctic circle. This northerly location gives Yllas long winter and summer seasons with a short spring and autumn in between.


The Winter ski season runs from November to May. The long cold snowy winters make it ideal for skiing as well as famous tourist attractions such as the ice hotels and igloos.

The temperature in the winter months stays well below zero and it is often below -20°C or even -30°C especially during the month of January. These temperatures may sound extreme, however the dry air in the Arctic means that they are not a problem providing adequate clothing is worn. When the temperatures are very low thermal base layers are essential as are hats and face masks are advisable too. Some visitors to Yllas also find that hand and foot warmers are a good thing to have when heading out on to the slopes for the day.

Daylight hour during the ski season in Yllas range from 0-6 hours in November, December and January up to 16 hours in April. For the short days in December and January flood lighting is provided on the slopes and the darkness is more like a blue twilight aided by the reflection of light from the snow than a pitch black. The long nights of winter are the best opportunity for viewing the northern lights in Yllas so it is considered by some people as the best time to go.


During the Summer months the temperatures in Yllas Finland usually stay in the +20°C's with very long hours of daylight. The daylight hours in the months of June and July are so long that the sun is still shining at midnight. Lapland is beautiful during the summer season with outdoor activities available day and night. To make the most out of Yllas in summer it is best to be well equipped with sunscreen and insect repellent.