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Northern lights in Yllas Finland

During the winter months in Yllas Finland there is always the chance of seeing the beautiful northern lights in the skies above the resort. The best place to experience the northern lights or the Aurora Borealis as they are officially known is to travel away from the lights of the resort. There are a number of snowmobile safaris and northern lights tours that cater for this. There is no guarantee that you will see the northern lights during your stay in Yllas but the most common time of year for them to appear is between December and February. Northern Lights Lapland There are a number of hotels in Yllas that offer a northern lights alert service to let guests know if there is any activity during their stay.

Scientists have been studying the Aurora Borealis for many years to try to determine the reasons for the light activity and for the changes in colours that are often see by observers of the northern lights. The most common colour to be reported is green however there are many other colours that can be seen especially during the more intense periods of activity.

It is difficult to predict when there will be a display of the northern lights and there is no guarantee that you will be lucky enough to experience them on your holiday in Yllas. The Geophysical Institute, part of the University of Alaska Fairbanks does provide some forecasting information that can be found on their website: